How to get rid of mold on your windows and how to prevent it

mold windows

This is how you deal with mold on the glass, frame and sill of your window

Nobody likes mold. But did you know that mold on your windows can actually be dangerous for you? And winter is the perfect time for mold to grow. Because of temperature differences, moisture will appear on your windows; a breeding ground for fungi. But how do you get rid of this mold, and how do you prevent it from appearing again next year?


So why does mold appear on your windows? Like we mentioned before: mold needs moisture to grow. And when it is cold outside and warm inside, your windows will get damp. This moisture on your windows might stick around, and if you don’t dry your windows frequently, it might result in mold.

So what to do about it? The most important thing when it comes to mold, is ventilation. Which might seem a little strange when it is freezing outside. But if you make sure enough fresh air can move through your house, mold won’t stand a chance. You can do this by leaving a window open or by using the window vents. If you leave those vents open, your house will be properly ventilated and no mold will grow on the glass, sill or frame of your windows.


If you are already dealing with mold, then it is time to get rid of it ASAP. If the mold is just on the glass of your windows, you can clean it with a simple all-purpose cleaner. The mold will come off pretty easily. But if you have mold on your frame or sill, it might be a little harder to get rid of. You can use cleaning soda or vinegar to get rid of this mold. Use the soda with a wet cloth or sponge and rub the mold off. It is important that you use a wet cloth or sponge. That way, the little particles of mold will stick to the fabric and they won’t be able to get in your lungs. The vinegar can be used to spray the affected area. After spraying, let it sit for an hour. Then you can scrub the mold right off.

If all else fails, you can use bleach. This method is not recommended as a first ‘go-to’, just because bleach is very aggressive. So only use this method when cleaning soda or vinegar don’t do the trick. Make a solution out of bleach and water and put it in a sprayer. If you spray the window with the water and bleach mixture, and scrub the mold with a brush or cloth, it should come right off.

These tips will help keep your house mold free in the future!

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Source: Flair, The Spruce | Image: Unsplash, Stephanie Harvey