Here are 6 things in your home you’re cleaning way too often

There are some things you’re probably cleaning too much

We like a clean home and so do you, probably. Did you ever stop to consider some stuff might be too clean, though? We certainly never did, but apparently it’s a thing! Some things are better off when they’re not completely spotless. Plus, if you clean these things less often you’re saving water and energy. 

Cleaning these items might actually damage them.

1. The mirror

The mirror is one of those objects that looks dirty very quickly. Touch it a few times and it’s full of fingerprints, and specks of dust are very easy to spot as well on this reflecting surface. But resist the temptation to clean it too often, because a wet mirror will actually attract a lot more dirt than a dry, slightly dirty one. If you spray cleaning agents on your mirror, some of it might end up behind it instead, and that can damage the back of your mirror. For those of you who clean your mirrors every week or so this might come as a bit of a shock: you only need to clean it once every few months!

2. The car

Washing your car too often can actually damage it instead of keeping it shiny and new. Signs of over-washing your car are small cracks in the coat of the car or the wax not lasting. Washing it too often might actually cause your car to look dull instead of the shiny effect you were going for. You only need to wash your car once a month, maybe twice. Don’t wash it any more than that, because then you might damage your car.

3. Cast iron pan

We love our cast iron pan! It’s an excellent asset in the kitchen both on the stove and in the oven. Want to cook a good steak? Use a cast iron pan! But whatever you do, don’t clean it with dish soap. Dish soap actually causes a lot of damage to your pan and might make it rust. Just use a cloth and a bit of water to clean it. Don’t worry about it being greasy; it’s supposed to be.

4. Jeans

Did you know denim can’t really deal with being washed? It’ll lose its shape and colour if washed too often, so it’s best not to throw it in the washing machine too much. The less you wash your jeans, the better. If you’re a little grossed out by this, try steaming them. Another great trick is putting your jeans in the freezer over night. It sounds weird, but it kills the bacteria and freshens your jeans right up!

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