She puts half a liter of Coke in the toilet, what happens next is truly bizarre! Try this yourself!

Cola is your help in housekeeping

Not only can you drink Coke, you can use it for all sorts of things. Most people know by now that it also works wonders against rust, for example, but did you know that the brown sugar drink also helps against  jellyfish bites? In addition, it works against many more pesky ailments. Also, if you have gum in your hair, you can get it out with cola. Did you further know that Coca-Cola was even invented by a pharmacist in the nineteenth century?

Pharmacist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola  in 1886. It was a variation of the alcoholic beverage Vin Mariani. He developed his cola which he called Pemberton’s French wine coca. When alcohol was banned in Atlanta, USA, where John Pemberton lived, in 1886, he put sugar syrup in his drink instead of wine and called it Coca-Cola.

You had to dilute it with water and it was sold in pitchers. When the sugar syrup was mixed with carbonated water, the soft drink as we know it today was created.

And the number of brilliant uses of the soft drink just doesn’t stop. In fact, it can also be your best friend in housekeeping and save you a lot of money in the meantime. We have a super handy video for you explaining a very clever way to use cola to clean the toilet. Sounds weird, but watch the video on the next page if you’re curious!

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