This is how you can remove black streaks from your wood floor

black streaks

Those ugly black streaks will be gone from your wood floor within 5 seconds

A lot of people who have wood floors in their home will recognise this issue: black streaks on the floor. These streaks are most often scuff marks caused by the soles of shoes. They don’t just appear on wood floors, but also on laminate, vinyl and other types of floors. Scrubbing like crazy is completely unnecessary because with this tip you’ll remove the marks within five seconds.

There’s no need to get out a mop and start scrubbing.

Tip for a shiny floor

Before we get into this amazing trick, we want to share another tip with you that will help you make your wood floor shine again. When time goes by, floors can start to look dull, which isn’t that strange; we walk on them every single day, of course. Make some soapy water out of four litres of warm water and one cup of apple cider vinegar or apple vinegar. Mix this together properly and then mop your wood floor with this mixture. When you’re done you’ll see that it will shine like never before!

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