These Zodiac signs are incredibly clumsy

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Find out which Zodiac signs have two left hands!

Hitting your own finger while trying to hit the nail, forgetting to tape off the parts of the wall that don’t need paint or cutting up wood without paying attention to measurements. Some people are just not made for manual labor. Find out if you are one of the Zodiac signs that are incredibly clumsy. 


Even though Pisces are very creative and always come up with new ideas to try, the execution of said idea should be left to the professionals. Pisces have unlimited imagination but when they have to bring their ideas into fruition, everything falls apart. Literally. Pisces are not made to follow instructions and they want to get things done fast. Usually resulting into chaos. Pisces want to do things their way, even when the outcome is a crooked and wobbly end result.


Leos want luxury. So even though they might technically be able to do it, they much rather sit down and let the experts handle it. Leos don’t like to get their hands dirty. So they just want to enjoy the end results without having to put in the effort. Even if that might cost them some extra money.


While the Zodiac signs mentioned above shouldn’t be left unsupervised when it comes to odd jobs, the Aquarius is the one to call when you need something fixed. They are hard headed and they won’t stop until the job is done. Even when everything seems to go wrong, the Aquarius will power through and will come out victorious. Especially their planning and organizational skills come in handy whenever there’s a job to do.

So whenever a Pisces or Leo needs anything fixed in their home, better call the Aquarius!

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Source: Flair | Image: Unsplash, Marcel Strauß