These Zodiac signs get very grumpy when they’re hungry

hungry zodiac

Do you get really grumpy when you need to eat?

Are you no fun to be around when you’re hungry? Do you act angry, grumpy or sometimes even downright mean? Then it might be because of the month that you were born in. The following Zodiac signs get really, really hangry.


If you are an Aries, then people will generally appreciate your honesty. Just maybe not when you are hungry. When an Aries is hungry, they will lose their filter and might even be a little mean. They get very grumpy and can become unreasonable. But luckily there is a quick fix. Just make sure the Aries gets something to eat. After that, they will apologize for their behavior. If they need to, of course.


Cancers are known to be very emotional people. Those emotions tend to get stronger when a Cancer is hungry. They will become irritable, sad or even angry and they won’t be able to hide it. So if you know a Cancer, you might want to make sure they never get hungry. Or else the very caring Cancer might just turn into a hangry monster.


When a Virgo is hungry, everyone will know. The Virgo will not be hungry in silence. They will become angry and irritated and that will rub off on others. Especially since the Virgo will blame everyone else for everything. In the Virgo’s eyes, everyone is messing up and that will cause some annoyance with the people around them. But give the Virgo some food and all their reason and rational thinking will come rushing back.


Drama is the Scorpio’s middle name. Whenever a Scorpio gets hungry, they will *literally* be unable to do anything. ever. again. Every small task seems like an enormous one and if you are a Scorpio, you know that doing small stuff is impossible when you’re hungry. You might even feel like it’s the end of the world. So if you want to avoid feelings of dispair, you might want to keep a little snack with you at all times. Just to keep the anguish at bay.


The last Zodiac sign to stay away from when they’re hungry, is the Aquarius. Even though these people are usually very friendly, when an Aquarius is hungry, all that friendliness disappears. An Aquarius that is hungry will act distant and cold. The hunger will cause them to lose the ability to think about things in a rational way and because of it, they might say weird or insensitive things. If you are an Aquarius, you might want to invest in a snack purse. For the sake of yourself and others around you.

Are you one of these Zodiac signs and do you get hangry a lot too? Now you know why!

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Source: Happy in Shape | Image: Unsplash, Reba Spike