Do you have bags under your eyes? This might be making it worse

bags eyes

And it’s not just due to lack of sleep

If you had a rough night, you might wake up with extremely puffy eyes. Lack of sleep will cause those rings under your eyes to darken. But lack of sleep is not the only cause for bags under your eyes. Find out what else might be causing your puffy eyes.

1. Cleaning your face

If you are too enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning your face, you might be giving yourself puffy eyes. When you rub your eyes too much and too hard, you could cause them to get irritated. And that will result in that dark circle under your eyes. When you rub your eyes hard, you will cause small blood vessels to pop and that will make the bags under your eyes much darker.

2. Genetics

If your parents have bags under their eyes, then chances are that you do too. Some people are just genetically predisposed to get puffy eyes. Especially when you have fairer skin. When your skin is fair, your blood vessels will show through your skin. And that will result in a blue or purple circle under your eyes.

3. Snooze

Even though silencing your alarm clock for just ten more minutes of sleep might feel good in the morning, it could actually be the reason why you have puffy eyes. When you sleep, oxygenated blood will gather under your eyes. And when you sleep longer, the blood will stay there for a longer period of time. Resulting in puffy eyes.

Last but not least; if you eat a lot of salty food or if you smoke, it could make the bags under your eyes worse. So take a look at your eating habits and lifestyle choices. Maybe a small change in diet or lifestyle could already reduce the puffiness significantly!

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Source: Elegance | Image: Unsplash, Spencer Quast