Good news from 2022: the best news from last year

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A lot happened last year, but this is the best news of 2022!

A lot can happen in 365 days, and usually not all of it is positive. That’s why we wanted to shed some light on the best news of 2022. Get ready for a roundup of some of the best things that happened last year.

1. Endangered species bounced back

Even though a lot of species are still on the growing endangered-list, some endangered species made a comeback in 2022. Some of the species that escaped extinction are beavers, bison and pelicans. These species have bounced back because of reintroduction programs. Other species that were on the brink of extinction, were the rhino, fin whales and tiger. All of them survived the year and continue to grow stronger.

2. Land returned to nature and indigenous people

Right at the end of 2022, different nations came together to make a deal about the protection of the planet. By 2030, a third of the planet has to be protected for nature. And that is not all. Different countries have started giving back land to the indigenous people that lived there. In Brazil, the new president aims to stop the deforestation in the country in an attempt to save the rainforest.

3. Progress in fighting cancer

Scientists have been working hard in 2022, and their hard work paid off: they found ways to better detect and treat cancer. This means that several types of cancer can be detected earlier on which means that more people might get necessary treatment in the beginning stages of the disease.

4. Strengthening of LGBTQ+ rights

Even though the LGBTQ+ community is still subject to a lot of hate, there is some good news. Countries like Israel and Greece have banned conversion therapy. Slovenia might amend the law that bans same-sex marriages, after deciding that the law was unconstitutional. Singapore wants to decriminalize homosexuality and in Tokyo, same-sex relationships are now formally recognized.

5. Fighting plastic pollution

More good news when it comes to the environment: 175 nations all agreed that they wanted to end plastic pollution once and for all. This resulted in several measures in different regions of the world. The EU has introduced a plan to reduce the amount of plastic used, and in India, some of the items that are most commonly littered are outlawed.

Hopefully all of this good news will make you feel a little better about the future!

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Source: Positive News | Image: Unsplash, Good Good Good