These Zodiac signs are the moodiest of all

moody zodiac

Are you one of these Zodiac signs?

Some people’s mood changes constantly. One moment they’re fine, and then suddenly they are not fine anymore. Just like that. For some Zodiac signs, this happens all the time. Do any of these sound familiar to you?


Cancers really feel their emotions. If they are in a good mood, everyone will know. Unfortunately, that also means that when they’re in a bad mood, everyone will know. Cancers will completely lash out or isolate themselves from others, just to make sure that no one is hurt by their negativity. The good news? Because Cancers are so moody, they are very comfortable with their emotions and are pretty good at expressing them. And if you are in a bad mood, Cancers will be perfectly able to deal with your mood swings.

There’s a silver lining!


The water signs (like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) tend to feel things in a very passionate way. Scorpios are mostly known as angry. And that is because a Scorpio will not hide their emotions. If a Scorpio is angry, they will show it. And they need some kind of outlet for their bad mood. They want action. So they’ll listen to sad music or stomp a pillow, anything to express those feelings. And even though their longing for action might cause them to take revenge on the people that hurt them, it also motivates them to be there for their friends when they need support.


The competitive Aries isn’t just moody. They’ll take every opportunity to showcase their superiority. So instead of just being mad, they’ll be mad ánd turn whatever fight or challenge they’re in, into a competition. Luckily, Aries know that they’re not the easiest to deal with. That is why they will usually apologize after they’ve cooled off a little. And their anger doesn’t last very long. Because of their attitude, Aries can switch from angry to an ‘on-top-of-the-world’-attitude pretty quickly!


Gemini are empathic with their moodiness: they don’t want to take others down with them. Unfortunately, Gemini are horrible at hiding their emotions. Which means that people will still know when the Gemini is in a bad mood. They will try and hide it by rationalizing why they’re not grumpy. Geminis will always try and seem happy, even when they feel really down. The upside? They won’t stay angry for long and never really hold a grudge; Gemini are easy to forgive.

Do any of these apply to you?

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Source: Your Tango | Image: Unsplash, Cyrus Chew