Harry and Meghan sue British tabloid for harassment campaign: ‘I can’t describe how painful this has been’

Biggest fear

The Prince admits that his wife has suffered a lot from the gossip and writes frankly that he is scared to death that history repeats itself. “It is my greatest fear that history repeats itself,” the Prince stated, referring to the effect the gossip press had on his mother. The paparazzi chased Princess Diana in Paris just before her death in 1997. Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s mother subsequently died in a tunnel. “I have seen what happened to someone I love very much when that person was no longer treated as a real person. I lost my mother and now I see how my wife falls victim to this.”

Legal action

The Prince, therefore, feels compelled to take legal action. “For the media, this is a game that we didn’t want to participate in from the start. I’ve watched in silence long enough. Allowing this without taking action goes against everything we believe in.” The Duke concludes his statement by thanking the public. “We thank you for all the support. It is greatly appreciated. Even though it may not seem that way, we really need it.” The couple announced that they would be responsible for the costs of the lawsuit. “Should the couple receive compensation, they intend to donate the money to an organization that is committed to stopping bullying

A spokesperson for Mail on Sunday said he supported the published story. The tabloid also denies that the letter has been modified in such a way that the meaning has changed. Here you can read Prince Harry’s full statement.

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