Harry and Meghan sue British tabloid for harassment campaign: ‘I can’t describe how painful this has been’

Harry and Meghan

The prince is suing the tabloid to prevent a repeat of history

The British newspaper Mail on Sunday has created a problem. The newspaper published a handwritten private letter in February that Meghan Markle wrote to her father Thomas. This does not please the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—they drag the newspaper to court.

Prince Harry says in a statement that it was not an easy year for him and his wife.

Victim gossip press

Prince Harry published a statement on Sussex Official yesterday. “My wife has been the victim of British gossip press campaigning against people without regard for the consequences. The campaign against my wife over the past year – during her pregnancy and raising our newborn son – got out of hand,” the Prince describes in his statement. In the extended statement, Harry says that the content of the personal letter was unlawfully used to manipulate readers. “Certain paragraphs and sentences were omitted to mask the lies they have been spreading for a year.”

Tough period

Prince Harry confesses that it has been a difficult period for him and his family. “I cannot describe how painful this has been. In the digital age we live in, the press is fabricating and spreading gossip as truth.” The duke continues that this is why he and Meghan are taking legal action.

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