This is Jennifer Lopez’s daily menu

Jennifer Lopez

This is what the singer eats daily

It seems as if time has stood still for Jennifer Lopez. The singer has now passed the age of fifty, but still looks just as good as when she was thirty. Besides the fact that she possesses fantastic genes, she naturally also works very hard to keep her radiant appearance and fit physique. For example, the gym is by no means unknown territory for Jenny from the block, and she also strictly adheres to a healthy diet. Wondering what exactly Jennifer eats to stay in shape? Here is her daily menu.

When it comes to healthy eating and exercise, the singer knows exactly what she is doing.

Healthy diet

Jennifer is convinced that her healthy diet is the key to her fit body and radiant skin. Moreover, she feels best when she eats healthily. According to her personal trainer Tracy Anderson, healthy food provides Jennifer with the energy she needs to do what she does. “It’s all very nutritious and organic, with lots of protein,” she tells People. “Everything is fresh.”


Jennifer often starts the day with a healthy smoothie. Her favorite is a smoothie with red fruit, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, some ice cubes, lemon juice and a scoop of protein powder. Whenever she feels like something else, she often opts for oatmeal with fruit. The singer does not drink coffee unless it is a decaf. “I haven’t been drinking caffeine for years,” Jennifer once told Us Weekly. Instead, she drinks water throughout the day to stay hydrated.


For lunch, Jennifer often goes for a salad with lots of vegetables, salmon, peppers and zucchini. She also likes to add roasted pumpkin seeds, feta and shallots. She makes her dressing from lemon juice and olive oil. “Jennifer stays away from processed food as much as possible and gets her nutrients mainly from vegetable products,” says her trainer. To stay satiated, the singer adds protein to every meal. As a standard, she eats a handful of unsalted nuts per day. She also gets her protein from eggs, turkey, fish and chicken. Proteins are ideal for binge eating. They give me a full feeling for a long time and moreover it is the perfect fuel for your muscles,” says Jennifer.

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