Police warn about THESE friend requests on Facebook! Don’t accept them!


Don’t accept all friend requests you get on Facebook!

It’s always best to be careful about friend requests from people you don’t know, because you never know what the person might want. But there are some friend requests you have to be extra careful about. These might be the start of a scam.

It might be a spear phishing attack.

Especially friend requests with pictures of very good looking men and women should raise some red flags. Cyber security expert Pim Takkenberg explains that what is going on Facebook right now is a new form of phishing called spear phishing. Once the cyber scammers are part of your friend circle on Facebook, they’ve got access to all of the information you share with your friends (like your email address and personal photos). They can also send you a private message with a link to malware or badware.

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