A boy fished an old bag out of the water, looked inside, and ended up calling the police

A day of fishing for the books 

It was a unique day of fishing for Brodie and his uncle. The boy had just received a new fishing rod and wanted to try it out with his uncle. The afternoon was very special, but not for the reason they thought it would be. Because when the boy had an old bag on the line and not a fish, they decided to call the police. 

The adventure started with lots of screaming and waving. When Brodie saw his fishing rod start to bend, it could mean only one thing: he had caught ahold of something big. His uncle realized he couldn’t pull it up on his own and ran over to help. But no fish came out of the water…

The men were afraid of losing their catch, so they carefully pulled the line out of the water. Once their catch was almost out of the water, they slowly started to see a leathery object appear. And no, it was not a fish.It was meant to be a special fishing day for the 11-year-old Brodie Brooks. And it sure was, but not in the way he had thought. His uncle had invited him to go out on the water with him. Brodie had received a brand-new fishing rod for his birthday and needed to test it out, of course. 

Strange moment 

The fishing adventure quickly turned into a strange moment, especially for a kid. He was fishing with his uncle and cousin out on the lake to catch fish with his new fishing rod but caught something else entirely. 

Brodie and his uncle had chosen Lake Hartwell in South Carolina for their fishing adventure. His uncle had hoped to give him the time of his life. The day started with preparations for their escapade. The three of them talked amongst themselves while waiting for something to bite. Having to call the police on such a calm day was something they never could have expected. 

Reeling it in

Ben Myers, Brodie’s uncle, was thrilled by the idea of helping his nephew with his new fishing rod. He explained how to attach the bait and use the rod for an optimal result. It was Brodie’s first fishing trip on open water, so Ben wasn’t expecting him to catch anything at all.

It turned out Ben was wrong. The boy soon thereafter started to scream that he had caught something. But once he realized what his nephew had caught, his excitement quickly turned to fear. He was fixated on what came out of the water… something he wasn’t prepared for.