Everything you need to know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance.

William Kate

The Prince and Duchess have not had the easiest relationship

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding seemed to have come straight out of a fairytale. They’ve known each other since college, and later their love suddenly blossomed. Having had three children, they seem to be a strong couple. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, and they too have had their ups and downs. There are a lot of rumors going around about their private lives. And then suddenly it doesn’t sound so great to be a member of the royal family…

That’s how it started

William and Kate first met at St Andrew’s College, where they happened to share the same residence. Kate immediately caught the attention of young William, but was not the only woman in his life at the time. Carley Massy-Birch, a creative writing and English student, was also interested in William. And according to rumors, William really liked all the attention.

A break

At one point, William got into a relationship with Carley, but this soon came to an end. The prince turned out to still have feelings for his ex, Arabella Musgrave. The couple had met before William went to college, but they had decided to take a break. Arabella didn’t expect William to wait for her while they were apart.

Attention from women

William missed his ex greatly, but also still wanted to get attention from other women. Then there was Kate, who suddenly saw William in a very different light. Kate once modeled at a fashion show where the prince happened to be. Apparently his jaw dropped when he saw her parading down the catwalk in a see-through dress and underwear.


Immediately after the show, William went looking for Kate. Photos from the afterparty show that they were together and chatting the whole time. Finally, William took his chance and kissed Kate. Kate, who was still dating another student named Rupert Finch, was shocked by his reaction and withdrew.

New accommodation

Not long after, Kate and Rupert’s relationship came to an end and Kate began dating the Prince. In fact, it was so serious that they moved to a new accommodation together. In order not to draw too much attention, they did everything they could not to be seen together by the tabloids, because they were always observed closely.

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