Everything you need to know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance.

William Kate

Jecca Craig

In fact, they were watched so closely that pictures appeared in the papers of William with another woman. This woman, named Jecca Craig, even organized some kind of engagement ceremony with William in which they declared their love for each other. All of this while he was still in a relationship with Kate.

No steady girlfriend

William denied in the press that he was committed to anyone and told them that he did not want a steady relationship. For example, he said: “If I like a girl and I really like her and she likes me, I ask her out. This is very rare.” The prince was 21 years old at the time. He also knows what it means for someone to be in a relationship with him. “I don’t want to put future girlfriends in a difficult situation because a lot of people don’t really understand what it means to meet me,” William continued. He also explained that what the media wrote about the girls annoyed him.

William’s party

At William’s party, both his girlfriends were present; Jecca sat at the main table and Kate at another table in the hall. Rumors had it that Jecca had specifically requested this. Could she have been aware the competition?

Ski trip

In spite of Jecca and their engagement, William and Kate still remained together. Although they did their best to maintain privacy, the press eventually found out about the relationship. They were spotted in 2004 during a ski trip. Still, it wasn’t long after that before Kate was done with William’s behavior, and she broke off the relationship.

Anna Sloan

Kate also found out that William had laid his eyes on another girlfriend, this was the American Anna Sloan. There was also a ‘friendship’ with the heiress Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. William tried to convince Kate that there were no romantic feelings, but that didn’t change Kate’s feelings.

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