This is what Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas tree looks like

christmas tree

Oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches!

Queen Elizabeth has been busy with her preparations for the holidays for a while already. For example, she’s already sent out the invitations to her Christmas dinner, to which Meghan Markle’s mother has been invited, and she’s had her Christmas tree put up as well.

The Windsor Castle personnel were busy putting up the royal Christmas tree on the 30th of November.


Windsor Castle has been revelling in the Christmas spirit for a while now. There’s a huge Christmas tree set up in St. George’s Hall. This tree is nearly seven metres high and has been decorated with about 7000 lights (!) as well as a lot of golden ornaments. But one tree is not enough for the entirety of Windsor Castle, of course. There’s a second tree in the Crimson Drawing Room. This one’s around 4.5 metres high and has been decorated with red and purple Christmas ornaments.

Here are a few pictures of the Queen’s tree. 

Sandringham Estate

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t spend a lot of her time in Windsor Castle during the holidays, though, so she won’t be able to enjoy the decorations for long. The British royals always spend their holidays at the Sandringham Estate. This is where the Queen always celebrates Christmas together with her husband Prince Philip and the direct members of her family.

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Source: Slough & Windsor Express | Image: video still