Everything you need to know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance.

Another woman

Despite William trying to convince Kate, it looked like they had broken up. However, this was only temporary, because in 2005 they went on holiday together with brother Harry and Carlos. It all seemed to be going in the right direction until William was spotted with yet another woman.

Broken up again

In addition, they couple also felt the pressure to get engaged. Since Kate didn’t appreciate William’s behavior and William couldn’t remain faithful, it looked like the couple was breaking up again. After William was spotted in a nightclub with another girl, Kate was done. She issued an ultimatum and told William she would leave him if he refused to devote himself fully to her.


After getting back together a few times and breaking up again, they decided to get engaged in 2010. William promised to remain faithful to Kate and this is how millions of people saw Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding. Meanwhile, they have three children: George (7), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3).

Off the rails

Yet there are also rumors that William still likes the attention of other women. During their marriage, but also when Kate was pregnant with George. Hopefully they will get their ‘and they lived happily ever after’ soon!

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