She was selling a baby crib. You’ll never guess what the buyer discovered…

Huge sums

During the auction there appeared to be a huge number of interested parties. Higher and higher prices were offered, until the last bid fell: over five hundred thousand euros. She couldn’t believe it! Suddenly she was rich, and all thanks to a crib! However, she also knew that she owed it to Karen, so she immediately sent her a message.

Both rich

The message stated that the buyer wanted to share the proceeds with Karen. So Karen was also completely out of money troubles in one fell swoop. Her daughter could go on a school trip and she had enough money to build their future. Karen started crying with happiness. She and the buyer became good friends, enjoying together the happiness that had fallen to them. Both their children and themselves were able to live in good wealth. What a chance find can do!

Source: Women’s Method | Image: Unsplash, Pexels