8 Ways To Save Gasoline

This’ll help you save a lot!

Gasoline prices have been a lot higher than we were used to for months now. It is therefore logical that everyone is trying to save as much gasoline as possible. We have eight tips for you that will definitely help you do this.

8. Staying alert and maintaining sufficient distance

By constantly staying alert in traffic, you ensure that you have to brake and accelerate less often. That saves a lot of gasoline in the long run. Tailgating can also cost a lot of extra gasoline because you are constantly hitting the brakes. By keeping enough distance from others on the road, you prevent that.

7. Check tire pressure regularly

When you drive, the pressure on your car tires increases. It’s important to regularly check your car’s tire pressure (or have it checked) to make sure the tires can handle that pressure. This is because if they can’t, you’ll have to slow down and accelerate more often (which in turn costs extra gasoline).

Wondering what else you can do to save gasoline? You’ll read about it on the next page!