She was selling a baby crib. You’ll never guess what the buyer discovered…

She absolutely did not see this coming

Karen was going through a financially difficult time and was forced to sell all sorts of things. She decided to get rid of her baby’s crib, too. The money she made from it brought her a little closer to resolution. Three days later, however, the buyer of the crib discovered something that would change everything….

Making ends meet

Karen was struggling financially. A tick bite had caused her to contract Lyme disease, which prevented her from working. As soon as her ex-boyfriend found out she was pregnant, he had left her. She lived alone with her infant daughter and was just barely able to keep her head above water. She decided to sell as many things as she could online so she could make ends meet better.

A strange message

Karen no longer used her baby’s crib very often, so that too was sold. It hit her hard, because she had inherited it from her family, and it had been like that in the family for generations. She got 200 euros for it. The buyer was overjoyed with the purchase, which reassured her. Until, a few days later, she suddenly received a strange message from that woman….

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