These 8 Fashion Mistakes Will Make You Look A Lot Older

With these tips, people do estimate your age correctly

When you are a little younger, it’s often a compliment when people think you look a bit older. As you get older, however, that’s not what you want…. Did you know that there are several fashion mistakes that can easily make you look a lot older? We list eight of them for you.

8. An all-black outfit

Black dresses down, we all know that. Still, an all-black outfit is not a good idea if you want people to judge your age correctly. In fact, black can make you look quite pale, which will automatically make people rate your age higher. Combine a black outfit with some color and you’ll see that it’s a much more beautiful and youthful look!

7. Large jewelry (especially pearls)

Large jewelry is not exactly in style right now. Instead, people are increasingly opting for smaller, inconspicuous jewelry. In this way, jewelry is just that extra something that makes your outfit look great, rather than taking over your entire look. Moreover, smaller jewelry not only makes you look more stylish, but also makes you look a little younger. An extra tip: avoid pearls, as they quickly make an outfit look corny.

Wondering what other fashion mistakes to avoid if you want to look young? You can read it on the next page!