This artist placed 66.000 plastic cups of water next to each other and THIS is the result! Wow!

plastic cups

This takes quite some patience!

Meet Belo. Belo is a Canadian artist with a whole lot of patience and an amazing ability to see ‘the bigger picture’. Together with 100 volunteers he spent countless hours on arranging plastic cups filled with water, and the result is a beautiful piece of art.

You might wonder why someone would spend so much time on doing the same thing over and over again, but there’s an idea behind it. Belo wanted to address the crisis around clean drinking water. With all the publicity his work of art has gotten he definitely managed to do that!

The video below shows how Serge Belo filled all of the plastic cups with rain water and then added a little bit of vegetable dye to them. He used 15.000 liters of rain water for this and over a kilo in dye! His volunteers helped him with arranging the plastic cups the entire time, but none of them knew what they were making exactly. Belo kept it a secret the entire time.

After 62 hours of labour and back aches, Belo finally finished his work of art. In the video you’ll be able to see the phenomenal result. It is seemingly simple, but absolutely beautiful. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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