Husband wants to divorce wife after making bizarre discovery in family photo

Family picture

At first sight it looks like an innocent family photo…

For many parents, photos of their children are very dear to them. British father Ben was no exception to the rule. One day, he photographed himself, his children and wife, but when he looked at the picture more closely, he made a bizarre discovery. It affected Ben so deeply, that he immediately filed for divorce.

High school sweethearts

Ben and his wife Ashley’s story started out very sweetly. The pair met each other in high school and it did not take long before they fell head over heels for each other. On particularly gooey days, the couple was called ‘Bashley’, a combination of the names Ben and Ashley. The two were very happy, so at that time, nobody expected that the couple would part ways someday.

Ben and Ashley were two teenagers in love and could not keep their hands off of each other. During their senior year in high school, they discovered that Ashley was pregnant. Right after their graduation, the couple became parents to a daughter they called Jill.

Raising a child

The little girl was lovingly admitted into the family, but the pregnancy had not been planned. They were still young, unmarried and they did not live together. They did not have money to buy a house, either. Luckily, little Jill was also lovingly accepted by her grandfather and grandmother. Ben, Ashley and their child could stay at Ashley’s parents’ place, and grandpa and grandma could keep an eye on their grandchild.

Ben and Ashley were grateful for the help of Ashley’s parents, but they wanted to move into their own place eventually. They started saving up and eventually the young family could rent a house that was not too far from Ashley’s childhood home.


At the time, the couple were 19 years old and their relationship was going steady. Everything was going so well for them, that Ben even got on one knee to propose to his sweetheart. Ashley said yes and not much later, on the bride’s birthday, they both said “I do”. It would later become apparent that their love would not last.

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