THESE peculiar baby names have gotten a worldwide ban… We understand why!


These baby names are now officially banned

One of the many fun things about having a baby is getting to think of a name. Some people go the traditional route and choose a name that’s been in the family for ages. Others prefer to think of a name themselves. While we think originality is great, some parents give their kids names that seem a little too special to us…

Poor children… We think it’s a good thing that these baby names have been banned.

Naming laws

There are multiple countries in the world that have naming laws, or had so in the past. These laws restrict parents in the names they can give to their children. For example, in Denmark parents have a list of approved names to choose from and there are several countries with laws that say the name of the baby cannot cause offense or negatively affect the child. Some people around the world have gotten pretty creative in their naming process, though, which has led to the following names being banned:

  • BRFXXCCXXMNPCCCCLLLMMNPRXVCLMNCKSSQLBB11116. Yes, you’ve read that right, although pronouncing it will be even more of a chore, we expect. A Swedish couple had the bright idea to give their child this name, but the government stopped them from doing so. According to the parents, the name is simply pronounced as ‘Albin’. Sure…
  • Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. We feel for the poor girl from New Zealand who had to walk around with this name for 9 (!) years. Why her parents gave her this name we still don’t fully understand. The girl was mocked so much because of her name that a judge decided to ban it entirely. Other names that have been banned in New Zealand are: Anal, Mafia No Fear, 89 and Sex Fruit.
  • @. In some countries in the world, special characters cannot be used in names, for example in China. We have to admit that the idea behind this name is rather sweet, since in Chinese ‘@’ is pronounced as ai-ta, which sounds very similar to the Chinese phrase for love him.
  • Chow Tow. In Malaysia some people gave their children the name Chow Tow, which literally means ‘stink head’. Why would you do that to your child?!

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Source: Style Today | Image: Pixabay