You won’t believe what happened to this farm in Texas

A different take on the mobile home

Moving is never easy. Even though a house is only material, it can be difficult to leave your beloved home behind. The inhabitants of the American city Plano must have thought the same about Collingwood House, a historical farm from 1861. The building was supposed to be demolished, but the townspeople decided to save the building. However, that meant it had to be moved to a different lot…

The council decided against demolishing the building at the last moment.

3.5 million dollars

The city of Plano bought the grounds the 1861 farmhouse was built on in 2009. They had plans to restore the historical building, which is largely made out of wood. However, these plans were cancelled due to the fact that the people of Plano voted against doing so. The house, estimated to be worth 3.5 million dollars, was destined to be demolished.


Luckily, the people of Plano changed their minds at the last minute and decided the farm shouldn’t be demolished. They decided that the 250,000 dollars that were destined for the demolition should be used to move the farmhouse to a different location. There was only one condition: someone had to be willing to restore the farm. Eventually, the Haggard family decided to step forward and take on this huge project.


How do you move an entire house, you’d ask? That’s apparently no problem in Plano. The townspeople lifted the house with forklifts onto a trailer. The truck drove the house to the different location, at a very slow speed, might we add. And that’s how a farmhouse in Texas moved locations.

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Source: NOS | Image: video still