He takes 7 IKEA kitchen cabinets and makes this for his daughter’s bedroom! We love this creative father!


IKEA really is good for everything!

American father Chris Heider wanted to make something special for his daughter’s bedroom and he didn’t disappoint! Chris bought 7 kitchen cabinets in different sizes at IKEA and used them as the basis for a new bed for his daughter. In the video below Chris shows us the entire process, from putting together the cabinets to installing the mattress on the newly built platform.

Cheap solution
We don’t know if Chris thought of the idea for the platform storage bed himself or if he came across it somewhere else, but it’s a very smart way to combine a bed with storage space nonetheless! He also managed to build it for not that much money. Chris said that the entire project cost him about $480 (so that’s about £360), and the majority of that money was spent on the kitchen cabinets.

Quality time
The video is pretty clear, with Chris doing the voice over and explaining every step. He makes it seem so simple; he obviously knows what he’s doing! Of course, it does help that he already owned the tools to make the bed (which cost him about 6 hours). It’s lovely to see that his daughter lends him a helping hand along the way. What a great way to get in some father daughter bonding time!

It might not be for everyone… For example, this wouldn’t be a very handy bed for couples, since one person would have to climb over the other to get out. Yet it is a very smart way to make use of limited space. Even if you’re not ready to take on a project of this size or if you don’t think a platform storage bed is for you, this might give you some inspiration. Who knows what kind of cheap furniture you can turn into amazingly creative storage solutions! Watch Chris Heider’s video below:

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