This shocking photo shows what hot asphalt can do to your dog’s paws


Always check whether the asphalt isn’t too hot before walking your dog!

You don’t have to be a weatherman to realise that the temperatures around Europe at the moment are insane and unprecedented. Our four-legged friends are also feeling very hot, but nevertheless they have to go on walks every now and then. Do you walk your dog? Then you should always check whether the asphalt isn’t too hot for their paws to walk on. Otherwise, you might cause your dog some horrible burns on its paws.

This photo shows how badly a dog can burn its paws if it has to walk on asphalt.


We’re not the only ones who are feeling hot; our dogs are too. No one seems to be immune to the very hot weather, and the paws of our beloved pets definitely aren’t either. Although dogs are used to walking around outside on their bare paws, the little pillows of their paws can’t deal with this heat. When they walk over hot asphalt, they can get ugly burns.

Asphalt check

Because we walk around on shoes, we don’t always realise how hot asphalt can really be. It’s of the utmost importance that you check whether the temperature of the asphalt isn’t too high for your dog’s paws during a heat wave. Do this by placing the back of your hand down to the asphalt. Does this feel painfully hot? Then it will definitely be too hot for you dog.


On Twitter, a picture is doing the rounds that shows just how bad your dog’s paws can get burned because of hot asphalt. It’s tough to see, but it shows how important it to always check whether it isn’t too hot before you take your dog out for a walk.

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Source: Her | Image: Pixabay