Samantha Markle reacts to sister Meghan’s pregnancy announcement



Meghan Markle probably didn’t see this one coming

Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, has said some harsh and hurtful things about her sister over the past couple of months. She’s made a couple of statements in the media since Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Samantha was angry about how Meghan had supposedly treated her family. But now she’s showing a side of herself we didn’t expect to see.

No angry words this time.


Previously, Samantha was very angry about the fact that she hadn’t been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. She gave a lot of interviews in the media about this. In these interviews, she also said Meghan had done their father a lot of injustice. In a surprising turn of events, she showed up in London recently to talk to Meghan and went to Buckingham Palace and later Kensington Palace (where Meghan actually lives) to visit her sister, but wasn’t let in. She also gave an interview on British TV in which she said it may be time to bury the hatchet. In this interview, she did manage to place the blame for everything with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, though.


This week Kensington Palace announced that Meghan and Harry are expecting a baby. Samantha Markle has reacted to the wonderful news and is showing a surprising side of herself. She’s currently on holiday in Ireland and has given an interview to The Sun from that location in which she explains what she thinks of the baby news. “It just makes everything that happened over the last year disappear. I want Meghan to be happy and calm and have peace. Everybody needs to be positive.” We didn’t see that one coming. Perhaps things will be alright in the Markle family again soon?

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Source: The Sun | Image: video still