His girlfriend thinks he’s only getting a makeover but then he does THIS… Amazing!


He surprises her with a makeover and then…

Brandon and Clara have been together for years and are each other’s best friends. Clara is all glamour (think fur coat, manicured nails and perfect make up), while Brandon is more of a nonchalant type of guy with long hair and a beard.

Clara was in for a big surprise…

TV programme

Together with his girlfriend, Brandon decided to enter an American makeover TV programme presented by Rachel Ray. When Brandon’s girlfriend sees him after her makeover, her jaw drops; he doesn’t look anything like the long haired, bearded guy he was before.


Another surprise

The makeover isn’t the only surprise Brandon has for his girlfriend. In the video you can see how Brandon shows his new look to his girlfriend Clara, who is sitting in the audience in the studio. She doesn’t believe her eyes and gets emotional about the end result. Then she walks towards him on the stage and Rachel Ray asks Brandon if there’s anything he wants to say to her. What he does next was completely unexpected to Clara.

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