19 things a man would like in a relationship

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It may often seem like women wave the scepter in relationships. Yet secretly, men have a large wish list of things they would like to see in their relationship too. They just don’t always say it out loud. That’s why we understand that you sometimes wonder how your husband’s brain actually works. To help you out, we list nineteen things that a man would like to see in a relationship. 

1. Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment every now and then. Men are also happy when we praise them or tell them what we like about them. In the future, don’t just think that your boyfriend is wearing a nice outfit, say it out loud as well.

2. Respect each other

Respect is an important foundation in every relationship. With couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, this can sometimes fade into the background, especially during an argument. It is therefore quite unsurprising that men find this important in a relationship.

3. Emotional closeness

Men deal with their feelings very differently than women. This often leads to misunderstandings in a relationship. So give your boyfriend enough space to slowly build trust in you and create a space in which he wants to open up. Emotional closeness is very important to men.

4. Physical proximity

In addition to emotional closeness, men also find physical closeness very important. While men need more time to open up emotionally, women often need more time to open up physically. For men, however, physical proximity is very important – whether it’s a simple kiss or a hand on your thigh.

5. Freedom

Of course your boyfriend likes being with you a lot, but every now and then a little distance works wonders for love. Your boyfriend may be going through a phase where he tries to be on his own for a bit. You should therefore not relate this behavior to yourself. Think of it as a good balance. After all, you also need some time for yourself every now and then.

6. Honesty

Honesty, like respect, is the basis for a good relationship. It may sound logical, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Yet you can only build respect, trust and closeness in your relationship if you are honest. Withholding things doesn’t make sense, your partner will find out sooner or later anyway.

7. Weak moments

It’s a pretty outdated idea that the man is the stronger person in the relationship. It’s 2021 and we know better: men, just like women, also have their weak moments. At these moments, he needs a partner who will just take him in his arms and be there for him. Recognize these moments and be there for your boyfriend, he will really appreciate it.

8. Vulnerability

Men find vulnerability very attractive in a relationship. You may have built walls around you in your life, but it is important that you try to let them go. Of course, if you open up to him, you make yourself vulnerable. But a good man will appreciate your feelings, be there for you and feel empowered to show his vulnerable side too.

9. Having fun

Of course, a man has his own friends, with whom he likes to have a drink or watch sports. That really doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to have fun with you. Ideally, you are his partner and best friend at the same time. And let’s be honest: don’t we all want that?

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