19 things a man would like in a relationship

man relationship


It may often seem like women wave the scepter in relationships. Yet secretly, men have a large wish list of things they would like to see in their relationship too. They just don’t always say it out loud. That’s why we understand that you sometimes wonder how your husband’s brain actually works. To help you out, we list nineteen things that a man would like to see in a relationship. 

1. Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment every now and then. Men are also happy when we praise them or tell them what we like about them. In the future, don’t just think that your boyfriend is wearing a nice outfit, say it out loud as well.

2. Respect each other

Respect is an important foundation in every relationship. With couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, this can sometimes fade into the background, especially during an argument. It is therefore quite unsurprising that men find this important in a relationship.

3. Emotional closeness

Men deal with their feelings very differently than women. This often leads to misunderstandings in a relationship. So give your boyfriend enough space to slowly build trust in you and create a space in which he wants to open up. Emotional closeness is very important to men.

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