These are 5 mistakes everybody makes with the air conditioning in their car

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And this is the right way to do it!

You know that feeling when it’s hot outside and you open your car door only to be met by a wall of heat? It’s not the most pleasant sensation. And remember when cars didn’t have A/C yet? Having to drive a long distance in a hot car was the worst! Having air conditioning in your car is amazing, though: you no longer have to sit sweating in a scorching hot car or get nauseous because of the heat. But, you do need to use the A/C the right way! These are some common A/C mistakes and how to fix them.

Do you make these air conditioning mistakes?

1. Putting the A/C on the highest setting as soon as you get in the car

Many people turn the A/C on as soon as they get in the car and put it on the highest setting as well. This is a big mistake, though, because it’s much better to open all of the doors and windows about a minute before getting in the car. That way, the temperature will drop quite a bit already before you even start the car. That means that your A/C will have to work a lot less hard once you start driving.

2. Keeping the ‘recirculation’ turned on

When you’ve just stepped into your car, it’s a good idea to turn on the recirculation. This way, the car will cool down a lot more quickly. After the car has cooled down, however, you should put the A/C back to using outside air. This will make sure the cold air stream is divided a lot more evenly throughout the car.

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