Zip tie hacks: 9 reasons to always have zip ties on hand

You can do all of these amazing things with zip ties

You probably have a bunch of these things stored in your garage or someplace else: zip ties. They’re very easy to tie things or (temporarily) repair broken objects with. The plastic ties are very sturdy and will only come loose when cut with a knife or a pair of scissors. They often come in handy, but after reading these tips you will love them even more!

Zip ties are always handy to keep around.

1. Untangle your cables

This must be a familiar problem to many people: cables getting tangled beyond belief. Your television, DVD-player and speakers all lead to the same power strip, and before you know it, all of those cables are one big tangled mess. You can very easily solve this problem by loosely tying a zip tie around the cables. Make sure that the cables are all placed next to each other tidily. Divide the cables from each other by tying more zip ties to the first zip tie like in the picture below. All of the cables will have their own hole in between the zip ties. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the ends of the zip ties.

2. Make a handle for a drawer

Do you have new drawers but do you not have any handles for them yet? You can create a temporary handle using zip ties. Take a zip tie and tie it into a circle. Push it through one of the two holes in the drawer. Repeat the process for the other hole with another zip tie. Make sure the ends of the zip ties are on the inside of the drawer. Use a bigger zip tie to tie together the two other zip ties. You’ve got yourself a handle!

3. Phone holder

Tie two zip ties around your phone and let it rest on the ends of the ties. That way, you’ve got a phone holder that will enable you to watch videos handsfree.

4. Hang a power strip

Tie two zip ties around a power strip (not too tight). Then, wrap another zip tie on each of the zip ties to create little nooses. Attach two small hooks on the inside of a closet, underneath a desk or on the wall and hang the power strip here. Pull all of the zip ties tight and then cut off the ends.

5. Make your own folder

Want to keep a stack of papers together but are you out of folders? Or do you want to make your own folders with the kids? Take two pieces of cardboard together with the stack of papers you want to keep in between. Use a perforator to cut holes in the cardboard and the paper and stack it all like how you want the folder to end up looking. String a zip tie through both holes to function as ring binder. Cut off the long ends of the zip ties and you’ve got two small rings. If you want, you can decorate the pieces of cardboard.

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