You can easily cleanse your colon with this simple DIY smoothie


Easily cleanse your colon with this drink

During the day, we eat and drink quite a lot of different things. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between… Usually, not all of the things we put in our mouth are especially healthy. That’s why it’s a good thing to cleanse your colon every now and then.

It’s very easy to cleanse your colon and all you need is this simple drink.


At the end of the day, your colon is full of bread, meat, rice, pasta and other food products that aren’t very easy to digest for your bowels. Because your bowels have to go through a lot of trouble to digest this food, you might end up feeling bloated. This is very annoying because then you go to sleep feeling like you’ve got a brick in your stomach. However, you can easily prevent this discomfort by drinking a homemade drink before going to bed. It’s made from some very strong ingredients!

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