Lifehack: this is why you should stick two forks in a tomato


This handy lifehack will save you a lot of time in the kitchen!

We regularly come across handy lifehacks that make us think: why didn’t we think of this earlier? This one we’ve got for you today, which includes a tomato and two forks, is one of those lifehacks as well. So, what’s so special about this trick? Well, for starters, it saves you a lot of time in the kitchen! Have we made you curious about what on earth this trick entails? Then keep on reading!

Before we get into this handy trick, we want to give your some more information about different types of tomato!

Type of tomato

Did you know each type of tomato is suitable for a specific type of dish? Thanks to this list, you’ll always know which type of tomato you should use from now on!

Regular tomatoes

We all know about these tomatoes because these are usually the cheapest ones. What do these tomatoes taste best in? Soups and stews. We should also mention that the regular tomato is a true allrounder because you can also use it perfectly fine in salads, for example.

Roma tomatoes

These tomatoes are famous in Italy due to their firm structure and full flavour. You can recognise these tomatoes by their oblong shape. They do particularly well in a thick, flavourful sauce. So, they’re very well suited for pasta sauces and rice salads!

Vine tomatoes

These tomatoes are a bit more vibrantly red in colour and often taste a little sweeter. They are perfect for a fresh salad. They also work very well on a sandwich!

Beef tomato

Beef tomatoes are a lot bigger than regular ones. As the name reveals already, these tomatoes are also a lot ‘meatier’ than other tomatoes. Because of their structure, beef tomatoes are very well suited for hot dishes like soups, sauces and for example a nice risotto.

Cherry tomatoes

These tiny tomatoes are a favourite with a lot of people. They’re nice to have as a snack in between meals and they taste nice and sweet. These tomatoes also go very well with cheese. So, you might want to try adding these to a cheese pizza or risotto. Extra tip: are you making a salad with regular tomatoes? Try adding a few cherry tomatoes as well for a sweet twist!

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