With these 3 tips, you can easily open all jars


This will save you a lot of trouble and frustration!

It has probably happened to you: you buy a jar and right when you need to use it, you can’t get the jar to open. So you huff and you puff, but the lid won’t budge. If you have had this happen to you, you know how frustrating it can be. But with these tips, you will be able to open any jar, any time!

Simple methods

Even though some jars already have certain helpful systems in place to make them easier to open, a lot of jars still need to be opened the ‘old fashioned’ way. And because we don’t all have a Hulk-like strength to open the jars by ourselves, we rely on easy methods like these to still be able to open the jar.

1. Gloves

If you want to open a jar, you need friction. And your hands might just be too slippery. Especially if you’ve been trying to open the jar for over ten minutes and your hands got all sweaty because of it. So wear a rubber glove and try to open the jar that way. You will notice that you have better grip and you might be able to open your jar more easily. If you don’t have rubber gloves or latex gloves, you can use a damp towel. Just get the towel a little bit wet, fold it around the lid of the jar and try to open it.

2. Warm water

Another method that might work, is to apply warm water. Just hold the jar under some running warm water. Make sure the water covers the whole jar. Because of the warmth of the water, the lid will get loose and you’ll be able to twist it. You could also apply this method by putting the jar upside down in a small bowl of hot water. Let it soak for a little bit and then take the jar out. The heat will cause the lid to loosen up and you’ll be able to open it without any trouble.

3. Other tricks

If you feel like the methods mentioned above are too much trouble, you can also use a little bit of force to take the lid off. Just slap the bottom of the jar a few times while you hold it. That way, the pressure underneath the lid builds up and you might break the seal. You could also break the seal by sticking a flat object, like a butter knife, underneath the edge of the lid like a crowbar, and lift it.

With these tricks, everyone will come to you when they need their jars opened. And you will feel invincible because of it!

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Source: Tipnut | Image: Unsplash: Micah Tindell