Wow: did you know you can use deodorant for these things as well? Genius!


Three surprising ways to use deodorant!

Most of us use deodorant every single day to make sure we’re fresh and fruity when we go out and get started with our day. Although in the first place it is very refreshing, you can also use it for other things than just against the smell of sweat. Keep reading for three surprising alternative uses for deodorant!

Who knew you could use this for so much more than just your armpits?

Shiny face

Do you think the skin on your face is a little too shiny? Rub or spray a little bit of deodorant on your fingers and rub this on your cheeks, nose, forehead and other spots on your face that tend to get a little oily. The same formula that helps keep your armpits dry and fresh helps against oily skin as well.

Thigh chafing

When it’s summer and you’re out wearing a summer dress or shorts, you might experience thigh chafing because your legs keep rubbing together. This can be really annoying and cause a lot of irritation since your skin feels so raw. Do you want to prevent this irritation? Rub some deodorant on the inside of your thighs. This will solve the issue for you!


You know when you buy new shoes and you’re so happy with them that you want to wear them all the time? Unfortunately, wearing new shoes can sometimes lead to blisters on your feet. To prevent this situation, you can rub or spray some deodorant on your heels, or any other parts of your feet you usually get blisters on. The powdery structure of the deodorant will reduce the friction, which means you won’t get blisters as quickly.

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Source: Purewow |Image: Wikimedia Commons, Th145