Left a tissue in the washing machine? These tips will help you out!


This will help you remove tissue from your washed clothes!

It is cold outside and that means runny noses are everywhere! A tissue is your best friend in this case, but only if you remember to take it out of your pocket before washing those jeans. Unfortunately, we don’t always remember and end up with washed tissue stuck to all our favorite clothes. Luckily, the solution appears to be simple!


Before you decide to never wear that sweater again or spend money on some professional method of cleaning; there is an easy solution to get rid of the little pieces of paper and fluff stuck to your clothes! And it doesn’t involve a set of tweezers and a whole lot of patience (and frustration). All you need is some aspirin. That might sound a little strange, but apparently if you mix some aspirin with water and add your clothes to this mixture, the pieces of tissue will come right off! If you want an even faster option, you can add four aspirin to your washing machine and run the cycle you’d normally use for this type of laundry. It’s easy as that!


There is another alternative. If you feel like the aspirin option is too experimental for your taste, you can put your clothes in the dryer instead. First make sure all of the tissue is removed from the pockets and try to wipe some of the little pieces of paper and fluff off of your clothes. Then put your clothes in the dryer and let it work it’s magic. The dryer has a special filter that gathers fluff and dust. That means that all of the small pieces of paper stuck on your clothes, will come off too.

The only thing to keep in mind, is that not all clothes fare well in the dryer. Jeans might wear out faster after you put them in the dryer. So it is not recommended to use this method for jeans or other delicate fabrics. In this case, aspirins might still save you a lot of trouble and pain (literally).

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Source: RTL | Image: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina