5 innocent signs your car will probably break down pretty soon

4. The brakes

Are your brakes looking different than normal or are they emitting a strange smell? Then there’s most likely something wrong. Brakes are made up out of a lot of different parts (pads, rotors, hydraulic cylinders, hoses) and all of these have to be working properly. Some problems occur more often than others. Do your brakes squeak? Then there’s probably something wrong with the rotors. Do they smell of plastic or burning hair? Then you most likely have a problem with the pads. If either of this happens regularly, the parts in question probably need to be replaced.

5. The engine light is on

This could be a sign that you’ve forgotten to fasten the gas cap properly. It could also mean that your car needs maintenance right away. Whatever it means, when the engine light goes on you need to get your car to a garage as soon as possible. That way the mechanic can find out what the problem is before it gets dangerous.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Pexels

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