Remove your broken key from a lock without the help of a locksmith!

This is how you might save your broken key

Have you ever experienced this? Your key gets stuck in the lock. You apply a little bit of pressure and wriggle the key back and forth a bit, only to break it off and be left with half a key in your hand and half a key in the lock. What should you do next? You could call a locksmith, but those are often quite expensive and not always necessary. You could also follow our tips and remove the broken key from the lock yourself!


A locksmith isn’t our best friend per se. Of course, they can fix the problem at hand within a couple of minutes, but they also charge a lot of money. Especially at night, in the weekend or during holidays, they might charge you up to a few hundred euros. And, of course, your key decided to break at the most inconvenient of times.

Luckily, we’ve got a bunch of tips that’ll save you a high bill. Click on the next page and see the ingenious trick to remove the broken key easily!

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