Prince William reveals what his children’s favourite book is

Prince William says this book is a big hit with his children

Of course, Prince William is the future King of the United Kingdom, but first and foremost the Duke of Cambridge is the father of his three children. He loves to tuck his children into bed and, just like so many other dads, he often reads them a story. Recently, he’s revealed which story does especially well with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

There are undoubtedly many more children around the world who love this story.


Last Monday, Prince William met with author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler. The two attended the Tusk Trust event that was taking place at Kensington Palace, and William was there as well, according to HerFamily. When the author and illustrator had the opportunity to meet with Prince William, he told them that he was familiar with them. “It’s a big hit in our household, The Gruffalo,” the prince said.

The story

The Gruffalo is a book that was first published in 1999. It tells the story of a small mouse that walks through a forest and tells tough stories to the dangerous animals that want to eat him. He comes up with a story about a scary Gruffalo and that’s how he keeps the big animals at bay. But then the mouse runs into a real Gruffalo…


William talked to the duo about the model rhino they’d decorated as part of an art installation meant to raise awareness about the issue of poaching. Hello! reveals that Prince William was very enthusiastic about the project. “It’s amazing, I love it. You can tell it’s you guys. It’s the eyes [of the animals] I think, you can always tell the eyes.” The Duke of Cambridge also revealed that Prince George is a huge fan of rhinos. He joked that he was glad Prince George didn’t know the rhino was for sale, otherwise he’d want to have it.

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Source: Her FamilyHello! | Image: video still