She puts black pepper in the washing machine, the reason? This is really very handy!


Yes indeed, black pepper in the washing machine does work!

Unfortunately, this happens to us way too often: we buy a beautiful shirt or sweater, and then, a month later, it’s already started to lose its colour! This is such a pity, because we paid good money for it and we simply want our shirts to look nice. And what about those deep-black pants that are going grey after only three wash cycles? Is it too much to ask to keep them looking pretty? No, it isn’t!

Some black pepper is all you need to keep your clothes looking as good as new!


Truth be told, laundry isn’t so bad when you know the ins and outs of the wash cycle and what you can (and can’t) put in the dryer. Still, we hate going through the effort of separating our clothes based on colour, only to see our beloved blue shirt fade all too soon. Forget expensive detergents that supposedly protect the colour of your clothes – just try this cheap and simple trick.

Discolored clothes
It can be a real nuisance, those discolored clothes. In particular because it is not cheap; when your clothing loses its colour you are more likely to buy new items (which will then start to discolor again after a few washes). Time to break through this vicious circle and apply a handy trick! Because putting black pepper in the washing machine means your washing will come out looking beautiful. The pepper works like a light sandpaper, removing any residual soap from your clothes. That’s usually the reason the colors fade in the first place. Just add a teaspoon of black pepper to your washing machine (along with your regular detergent) the next time you do a colour wash. Say goodbye to discolored clothes!

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Source: Pure Wow