What?! THIS is how you are meant to use a colander! We had no clue!


This is so much easier!

A colander is one of those things we think is super handy; you can easily separate the rice or pasta from the water without making a huge mess. In theory, at least…

Want to make a quick pasta, but are you always messing about with draining pasta above the sink? No more! There’s an easy way!

Tricky business
Using a colander can still be tricky business, because where do you put the thing? How do you make sure all of the pasta actually ends up in the colander when you can’t see a thing through the steam coming of the boiling water? Well, if you use your colander in this special way, all those issues will be a thing of the past! We can’t believe our eyes; how did we never think of this before?

Other way around
Put the colander in the sink, pour the spaghetti and water into it, shake it around and throw the spaghetti back in the pan. Does that sound familiar? It can be much easier than that! Twitter user Diabella made an amazing discovery about how to use your colander in a completely different way:

Fantastic, right? We will definitely be straining our pasta this way in the future!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Easy Chicken Recipes