With THIS trick using a clothespin your car will smell absolutely amazing!


We had no idea all we needed was a clothespin!

An air freshener in your car can do wonders when it comes to masking unpleasant smells. It’s usually not that expensive, but you do have a limited choice when it comes to smells. Do you want your car to smell like your favorite fragrance? Then you should try this trick with a clothespin. Not only is it super handy, it’s also much cheaper than an air freshener.

For this trick, you only need a clothespin and a few drops of oil with your favorite smell. Do make sure you use a wooden pin and not a plastic one, though.

This is what you need to do

Take out the wooden clothespin and sprinkle a few drops of your favorite on top of the pin. Wait until the pin has absorbed the oil. Then repeat the process on the other sides of the pin so it’s entirely covered in oil. Leave it to dry for a little bit, and then clip it to the ventilation grille of your car. When you turn on the ventilation, a lovely smell will spread your car.

Long term

When you’ve got a whole bunch of wooden clothespins and a bottle of your favorite oil, this could be a long term solution. As soon as the smell on the pin has faded away, you move on to the next one. Plus, you only need a couple of drops of oil per clothespin. So, you’ll have a nice-smelling car for quite some time if you use this method!


You can use this trick in more places than just your car. Do you have a ventilation grille in your home? Clip a pin to that as well, and your home will smell lovely!

Take a look at the video below for more elaborate instructions!

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Source: Tip Hero | Image: video still YouTube