Put rusty nails in a plastic bottle and see what you can do with it

rusty nails

Old, rusty nails are good for something after all!

If we were to take a quick look in our shed or garage, we’d probably find a lot of old, rusty nails. We no longer use them to hammer things together, so shouldn’t we just throw them out? No, that’s a huge waste! Rusty nails are actually very useful for a completely different purpose around the house. Have we gotten you curious as to what exactly this purpose is? Keep on reading!

The rust that covers old nails might just save a life.

Oxygen for plants

Save a life? Yes and not just any life! Did you know that our house plants can benefit a lot from the old rust that has formed on old nails? The iron in the rust is good for oxygen. And who can benefit from this? Right, our plants! Do you have a bunch of beautiful house plants around your home, but are they wilting or discolouring, or are they losing their shine? Then this trick will help you out. It might be the one thing that will be able to save the life of your dear plant!

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