With this clever trick your beach umbrella will never blow away again

beach umbrella
Your beach umbrella will never blow away again!

We love a day at the beach, especially when the weather is so nice. Most of us leave for a beach day completely packed with all the essentials (and non-essentials) we might need. Beach beds, big towels, floaties, beach toys for the kids, and of course a well-filled cooler with delicious refreshments.

Don’t like sitting in the blazing sun? A beach umbrella is the perfect solution to create some more shade!

Beach umbrella

No matter how nice a little respite from the sun might be on a hot day, as soon as there’s even a little bit of a breeze that beach umbrella turns out to be a lot less handy. You constantly have to watch it like a hawk because otherwise there’s a chance the thing will blow away and you have to run after it along the entire beach. A beach umbrella just never seems to want to stay put in the sand and that’s so frustrating! Luckily, there’s a very clever and simple trick that will help you make sure the umbrella stays properly put from now on.

Like cement

And, of course, that’s what you want. That way, you can finally really relax at the beach without having to pay attention to the umbrella all the time. All you need to do is dig a nice hole in the spot you want to place your umbrella. Take something like a bucket and walk to the edge of the water. Scoop some wet sand into the bucket and walk back to your umbrella hole. Fill the hole with the wet sand and stick the pole of the umbrella in there at the angle you want. Cover the wet sand with dry sand. The wet sand will work kind of like cement, which means there’s no possible way your beach umbrella will blow away.

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Source: Libelle | Image: videostill