Cooling a warm drink within 2 minutes? It’s possible with this trick!


It’s possible to cool down a warm drink within minutes! 

When it’s as hot outside as it is now, everyone longs for a cool drink to cool them down with. Some coke, some iced tea, a nice cold beer… As long as it’s ice, ice-cold, we’re satisfied. However, you don’t always have access to a fridge or enough time to cool something before you want to drink it. Luckily, we’ve got a great tip for you today!

This tip will help you cool down your drink in mere minutes!


If it’s hot outside and you go to the supermarket on a quest to find a cool drink, you’ll often come to the disappointing conclusion that all of the cooled drinks are already sold out. Or, even worse, that the supermarket in question doesn’t even sell cooled drinks. That’s a bit of a bummer because no one likes lukewarm beer and if you have to wait for the fridge to cool it down you’ll have to wait for about an hour. No need to panic, though, because we’ve found a very ingenious trick that, if it works correctly, will cool down your drink within two minutes – and you don’t even need a fridge!

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