Man finds secret hatch in his home: what’s underneath it will surprise you!


You don’t find a hatch like this in every home, that’s for sure!

This young Irish man moved to a new city and rented an apartment without viewing it. The rent was so cheap that he signed the lease immediately without taking a look first. Once he moved in, he discovered a strange feature in his new home: there was a secret hatch in the floor. What he found underneath, he definitely didn’t expect!

The apartment looks pretty normal otherwise.


The Irish Daniel Carley moved to a new city and rented a cheap apartment without thinking twice about it. The apartment was small, but he didn’t need much room anyway. Since the rent was so cheap, he signed the lease immediately without first viewing the apartment. Without thinking too much about it, he moved in. After a few days, he made a remarkable discovery; it was something that definitely hadn’t been included in the lease. Daniel found a secret hatch in the floor.

Old monastery

According to Daniel, his apartment is located in a building that used to be a monastery in the 19th century. The building is situated in the middle of England and has been renovated into a modern, yet small, apartment with high ceilings. The apartment is only a studio with a small mezzanine as a bedroom. Everything but the bathroom is in the same space: the kitchen, living room, hallway and the bedroom. The studio apartment is equipped with a tiny, functional bathroom. And it was right in front of the door to the bathroom that Daniel discovered the hatch.

Daniel didn’t expect to find anything special underneath the hatch, but he was very wrong! Take a look at the pictures and the video on the next page.

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