Why you should definitely not use the air conditioning in your car


It comes with a massive disadvantage

Many of us live in countries where having an AC in the house is not standard. Cars on the other hand are almost always made with an air-conditioning system in them. This is something people are usually really grateful for on hot summer days. It is nice and cool alright, but there is one major disadvantage. 

The air conditioning guzzles gasoline.


Are you trying to save money on gasoline or do you want to drive for as long as you possibly can without having to go for gas again? Please leave the air conditioning off! Libelle tells us about research that shows that a manual AC uses more gas on warm days than on normal days. On a warm day, the AC could use up to 12.5 percent of your fuel. If we make a quick calculation, it means that out of the 70 litres of gasoline that you put in your car, about 8.75 litres are being used by the AC. If you have an automatic AC though, the number of litres that it takes from your full fuel tank is halved.

There is an exception to the rule though. Read what it is on the next page.

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