Put rusty nails in a plastic bottle and see what you can do with it

What do you have to do?

This is what you should do if you want to use rusty old nails as extra ‘food’ for your plants. Gather about six old nails with rust on them. Fill a plastic bottle halfway with water. Add the nails to this water and let them soak in there for a couple of minutes. You’ll see the water will slowly start to change colour. Screw the cap onto the bottle and shake it vigorously a couple of times. Take a sharp object and carefully prick three holes in the plastic. That way, you create a watering can of sorts. Next, squeeze the rusty water out of the bottle and onto the potting soil of the plant that needs some help. You’ll notice that your plant will soon look amazing again!

Take a look at this handy lifehack in action, as well as a ton of other handy gardening tips, in the video below:

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Source: YouTube, Blossom | Image: video still, YouTube

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